Stargazer Solar Solutions 

Stargazer Solar Solutions has become a leader in solar water heating.  We supply & install reliable solar water heaters nationwide, introducing national completive packages of products and expertise.      

Electricity bills have escalated over the last year and the electricity costs will increase drastically in the immediate future.   By installing a solar water heater, our clients can reduce water heating costs by up to 100%, depending on the household.  This means that the solar heating system will pay for itself within 2-3 years.

Stargazer Solar Solutions is a member of the Sustainable Energy Society of South Africa.  We are also accredited by Eskom on the Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme. 

Stargazer Solar Solutions strive for best quality products and service.  Customers can be assured of excellent after-sales service for years after their solar water heater is installed.  

What are the Key Benefits of our systems?

  • Cost saving – solar water heating will reduce your electricity bill by  more than 30%.  From the savings on electricity you will pay for the solar heating in a few years. 
  • An investment – installing a solar heating system adds value to your property
  • High quality solar products:  backed by generous warranties.
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be retro-fitted – to existing electric or natural gas storage geysers.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – split system allows for a discreet installation.
  • Easy to install – a range of frames exist to suit installation on all roof types and pitches.

Operating costs are low because solar electricity needs very little maintenance, very few spare parts and no fuel.  You will be part of the solution and will reduce your “carbon footprint”.  Unlike limited resources such as nuclear energy and fossil fuels, the sun will always be around and available for use.  And unlike Eskom the sun has never raised its rates!